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The development repository now ships with rc-httpd (see werc/bin/contrib/rc-httpd/). The following instructions are left intact for historical reference.

To configure rc-httpd for werc, edit the file /path/to/rc-httpd/select-handler and add a rule that will match $SERVER_NAME to werc site directories. Don’t forget to change the paths to match your system:

   if(~ $SERVER_NAME *){
          exec static-or-cgi /path/to/werc/bin/werc.rc
   if not
          error 503

rc-httpd on OpenBSD

A detailed tutorial for installing rc-httpd and werc on OpenBSD is available here.

rc-httpd on Plan 9

The 9front fork of the Plan 9 operating system ships with rc-httpd pre-installed (see /rc/bin/rc-httpd/). For all flavors of Plan 9, werc may be installed and configured as detailed above.

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