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Site Customization

To change any of the default templates or include files found in /lib/ simply copy them from /lib/ to your site’s _werc/lib/ and edit at will.

To change any of the templates found in /tpl/ (e.g. sitemap.tpl), copy the file to your site’s root (e.g. /sites/foo.bar.com/sitemap.tpl) and then edit.

File Types

Site Groups

Site configuration and customization and be ‘grouped’ to allow a shared set of templates among a specific group of sites (useful for sets of sub-domains for example).

Simply set ‘masterSite’ configuration variable to the name of the site you want to ‘inherit’ templates, style and configuration from.

For example, if we have two sites bar.com and foo.bar.com, and in sites/foo.bar.com/_werc/conf we add:


When a template (eg., 404.tpl) is requested it will be looked up first in /sites/foo.bar.com/werc/lib/404.tpl, if that fails then in /sites/bar.com/werc/lib/, and if that is missing too, the default /lib/404.tpl is used.

The same applies to .inc files.

List of Template and Included Files

Here is a list of the most commonly used templates and include files with their corresponding descriptions.



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