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Autogenerated Directory Listings

If a directory has no index.md, index.html or index.txt and has no other main handler set up by a werc app, the default directory listing handler is used.

The default directory handler simply displays the path to the directory, and a list of links to all files and dirs located at this path.

Header and footer

If a _header.md or _footer.md files are found in the directory, their contents will be displayed in the corresponding sections before and after the directory contents.

Tuning the item’s order

You can set the dir_listing_ls_opts config variable in the dir’s corresponding _werc/config to change the way items will be ordered.

For example to list items in reverse chronological order simply add:

dir_listing_ls_opts=( -t )

The options taken are the standard Plan 9 ls(1) flags.

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