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Important: change of mercurial repo

This is important if your are pulling from the stable mercurial repo at: http://hg.cat-v.org/werc/

During the upgrade to 1.2 the repo has been re-created from scratch to reduce its size significantly (there were some pdfs and other random files back from the 0.1 days).

So pulls will fail if you have an old installation, please make a fresh clone of the repo, that should work fine and making new clones should be much faster than before and take considerably less disk space.

Note that the address has not changed, but the repo located there is a newly re-created one that includes full history bar the files that should never have been part of the repo.

This was a one-off event to correct a very old mistake and from now on one should always be able to pull and merge updates from the stable branch from that repository without needing a fresh checkout.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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