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DirDir - A directory-oriented WikiWiki

DirDir is the next generation diri wiki, now implemented on top of werc and taking advantage of its user, site management frameworks and other infrastructure.


DirDir is still somewhat experimental, but already all features diri had, plus some extras thanks to werc’s power:

* Hierarchical organization.
* Markdown formatting.
* Easily customizable templates
* Simple and fine grained user permisions system.
* Completely database free.
* All needed to setup diridiri is to set a flag in your _werc/config file.
* Automatically wiki-fy existing werc documents.
* Implemented in about two dozen lines of rc scripts.


Just login, go to any page, and click the Edit button.

To create a new page, go to the address where you want to create the new page, click Edit, enter the initial contents, Save, and you are done.


Mostly usable, all basic features already implemented in the latest werc source tree.


About the name

DirDir is a pun on its predecessor diri and WikiWiki, and Dirdir is also the title of a novel by science fiction and literature grand master Jack Vance.

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